Hydro peel facial in TOKYO

431177BF-39D6-4ABC-9292-ED5965AEDDDDA wonderful surprise for those in pursuit of beauty! We have started a revolutionary facial treatment at Morenita with promising results hard to get elsewhere. The groundbreaking new machine uses hydrogen enriched water to peel away old and damaged skin cells, activating regeneration of skin cell tissue, and thereby accelerating collagen production to fade wrinkles, blemishes and acne for a smooth and healthy looking skin.

The impressive results have made it a trend even amongst Hollywood stars! This popularity is due to the organic nature of the product, as it is less invasive to alternative cosmetic enhancements such as Botox.

A range of results can be expected such as (but not limited to):

  • Acne and blemishes- phenomenal skin improvements using the hour fully with back to back healing treatments
  • Removal of facial bacteria which cause recurring acne
  • Tones large or clogged pores – noninvasive/injection-free pore toning
  • Dull and tired looking skin – Restores young hydrated skin with hydrogen assimilation
  • White or hair loss concerns – resolve with hydrogen enhanced scalp massage

Hydro peel facial ¥14,000(40mins)

Hydro peel & EMS face lift & Ionization facial ¥17,000(45mins)

Hydro peel & EMS facei lift& Ionization & Scalp deep cleanse(50mins) ¥20,000


For booking info@morenita-esthetic-salon.com    03-6321-1804